Tardy to School
Excused Tardies—students arriving to school with proper
documentation for medical, dental, court appointments, etc.

*Others (see Level 1 Absences)
Unexcused Tardies—students arriving late to school without proper

Students will be given 2 excused tardies (with parent notes
submitted within 3 days of the tardies) per semester. These tardies
are to be used wisely (flat tires, traffic jams, and other
unforeseeable events).
Students will be counted absent if they report to school after 1/3 of the
period is over. Parent and health notes concerning tardies must be
presented on arrival.
First Period Tardy Procedures
8:10-8:15 a.m. All Students report to first period
8:15 a.m. Students arriving after 8:15 a.m. will report directly
to and sign in at the Attendance Office.
Parent Notes for Tardies
All parental notes for tardies should have the following information:
1. Current date
2. Student’s name
3. Student’s grade
4. Date of tardy
5. Reason for tardy
6. Signature of parent/guardian
7. Home telephone number and/or number to be used for
verification (work phone number or cell phone number)
Classroom Tardies
Students who are not in classroom when the tardy bell rings are
classified as tardy. Tardies to class will start over at the beginning of
each semester.