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Tech Tool Helping Students Learn At River Ridge

Tech Tool Helping Students Learn At River Ridge

Want to empower your students with more STEM education activities?  Try learning with ozobots!  That's what students are doing in
Marise Sizemore's 4th grade class at
River Ridge Elementary School
The use of ozobots, tiny programmable robots, introduces kids to basics of coding and then advances their skills with increments of more advanced programming concepts. 
Sizemore's students having been going through the first set of training steps and have enjoyed writing programs based on simulations of ozobot and then actually programming their real ozobot to perform the same tasks.  
Students use communication and collaboration to discuss new and inventive ways to code their ozobots. They use higher level thinking skills to help create their own learning, all while having fun!
Keep up the great learning, River Ridge students!

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