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Drama wins honors

Congratulations to drama teacher Carol Sutton and her students on placing third in the state at the South Carolina Theatre Association Conference. In addition to this honor, senior Jaden Jones was named Overall Best Actor; and seniors Chavez Smith and Alan Lanxton were given All Star Awards for Best in Cast. Alan Lanxton beat 80 auditioning seniors from around the state winning a $1000 scholarship for his monologue. Other cast members include Jordyn Boyd, Sam Heidenreich, Nicolena Marsinelli, Jack Michael, Patrick MillsAngel Rogers, and Ashley Rosa. 
Back row:  Chevez Smith, Angel Rogers, Alan Lanxton, Jaden Jones, Carol Sutton. Middle Row:  Ashley Rosa, Nicolena Marsinelli, Jordyn Boyd
Front Row:  Jack Michael, Same Heidenreich. Not Pictured:  Patrick Mills.
Jaden Jones 
 lanxton smith
Alan Lanxton and Chavez Smith 
Alan Lanxton