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Relay for Life

Relay for Life Abner Creek Academy is off to a great start with our Relay for Life team! Here are some current and upcoming events that you may choose to participate in.
Current Events: 
Pennies from Heaven - This is an ongoing fundraiser in the classrooms. Students bring in pennies to contribute to the class jug. The first class to fill up their jug will receive a special treat.
Kiss a Pig Contest - Bring money to vote for the teacher or principal YOU want to see kiss a pig at the next Great Gator Assembly! All pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars help! You can bring any amount of money to vote before school in the mornings or in the library during the day. If we raise more than $500, Principal Mac has agreed to kiss the pig, too!
Nationwide Relay for Life Kickoff - Wear purple on Thursday, January 16th to support the Nationwide Relay for Life kickoff!
Coming Soon: 
Hat Day
Pie Throwing Contest